Active ingredients:

Procapil – limits the production of dihydrotestosterone (a hormone that accelerates hair loss) and contains apigenin, a natural flavonoid that increases the vascularisation of the hair follicles. It improves the quality of keratin-producing keratinocytes and stimulates the production of anchoring molecules. 

Tricorexina - regulates the hair cell metabolism, stimulates the synthesis of fibroblasts producing collagen - a structural protein that increases the strength of hair and scalp. It inhibits oxidation of keratinocytes and protects them by raising their resistance to free radicals. 

HairBiotic wcierka

Rub-on conditioner for scalp

The product is an excellent solution for those struggling with the problem of excessive hair loss, as well as weak and brittle hair.

Procapil strengthens the anchoring of the hair to the dermal papilla, improves microcirculation and stimulates hair growth.

Tricorexina supports the production of keratin and accelerates hair growth.

Result: hair is stronger, better nourished and more resistant to damage.

Using the applicator, spread the liquid evenly on the scalp, massage with your fingertips for a couple of minutes. Do not rinse. The product can be used daily.

100 ml

AMPULKA BIOTIC wypadanie z

Anti-hair loss serum 

86% of respondents confirm hair loss inhibiting. Measuring equipment shows an increase of hair thickness up to 19%.

Procapil included in the formula improves blood circulation and nourishment to the hair bulbs and reduces the adverse effects of hormones on the hair. 

It has positive effect on the thickness and density of the hair, it improves resistance to damage and makes hair and scalp less oily. 

Apply the preparation on previously washed, damp or dry hair. Apply the contents of the ampoule directly to the scalp, gently massage it in. A massage for a few minutes is recommended, which will stimulate blood circulation and facilitate the absorption of active ingredients. Do not rinse. The full treatment lasts 8 weeks, a minimum of 3 ampoules a week should be used. 

8 ampoules x 10 ml

HAIR BIOTIC BOX wypadanie szampon EN

Anti-hair loss shampoo

Contains Procapil - firmly anchors the hair to the bulb, improves oxygenation and microcirculation of the scalp. 

Tricorexina significantly reduces hair loss , stimulates cell renewal and accelerates the growth of the "baby hair." 

The addition of provitamin B5 protects hair against mechanical damage and external factors. 

Apply a small amount of shampoo to damp hair, massage it in, and then rinse. To enhance the effect, we recommend using a shampoo with an ampoule serum. 

250 g

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