Hair spray


Designed for final hairstyle fixation spray mega hold „5”. Does not make hair stick together and is easy to brush out. Quick-drying. Does not overburden the hair and makes it shine. Provides a long-lasting effect. Protects against harmful effects of moisture and weather conditions.

Volume 750 g

Hair styling lotion


Designed for hair styling and strengthening. Gives the hair longlasting volume and natural shine. Contains UV filters and pro-vitamin B-5, which moisturize the hair and protect it from external damaging effects of sun.

Hair styling paste


Allows creating fantastic hair styles and highlighting individual strips of hair. Increases hair flexibility and volume.

Volume 100 g

Permanent wave lotion


Gives your hair a natural-looking and long lasting curls. Select a matching lotion depending on the condition of your hair:

GENTLE – for limp and tinted hair

NORMAL – for normal hair

STRONG – for non curling hair.

Volume 1000 g



The perfect formula of the fixing lotion guarantees a long lasting natural curl of your hair

This multiple fixing lotion containing a substance that closes hair scales, recovers the proper pH after manipulation, the conditioner included in it facilitates hair brushing and hair setting, it brings brilliance and downiness to the hair. The product is suitable for all types of permanent wave


Volume 1000 g

Silk serum


The silk serum is intended for all types of hair, especially for the hair that is damaged with the earlier hairdressing treatments, rough, flat and with split ends. It contains the natural silk proteins, that easy penetrate into the hair and rebuild it from inside. It brings the hair healthy look, smoothness

and sleek back. The hair becomes stronger, is easy to set and does not electrify. The pro vitamin B 5 contained in the serum keeps the proper level of hair moisturizing. The UV filter protects the hair from the harmful influence of the external agents. It does not load the hair.

Volume 100 g

Liquid silk


Delicate care product for dry, dull, and damaged hair. An innovative formula based on natural silk and powerful conditioning substances makes your hair properly moisturised, smooth, and glossy. Prevents hair dryness, breaking, and splitting. Its UV filter protects against the harmful effects

of sun exposure, while vitamin complex (A, E, F, H, and B5) perfectly nourishes your hair, giving it a healthy appearance, softness, and resilience. As a result, hair becomes shiny, silky smooth, and easy to arrange.

Volume 275 g