Keratin Style


Experience the innovative treatment of permanent hair smoothening – Prosalon Professional Keratin Style – based on natural keratin, which is the foundation of hair. The innovative formula, without irritating formaldehyde is based only on natural components. The treatment of keratin smoothening and regeneration can be conducted with all hair types, particularly colored, lightened and damaged after chemical or mechanical treatments.

Deep cleansing shampoo


Prepares hair for the permanent smoothing and reconstruction treatment. Deeply cleanses the hair of any remnants of styling products and opens up the scales, allowing for the better absorption of keratin in step 2. For use before the treatment and any time when deep cleansing is required.

Volume 500 g, 275 g

Keratin smoothing cream


An innovative product for permanent hair smoothing, created on the basis of the technology based on natural keratin which deeply nourishes and smoothes the hair and eliminates the frizz effect. Keratin, under heat, penetrates deep into the hair structure to rebuild the scales, resulting in enhanced, more flexible hair resistant to mechanical stress. The product is safe for the hair, does not contain formaldehyde.

Volume 500 g, 275 g

Keratin fixative shampoo


SLES free mild shampoo, designed for use immediately after keratin treatment. It prevents keratin leaching out from the interior of the hair, thus prolonging the effect of the treatment. It gently cleanses, helps to maintain the hair’s moisture. The high content of keratin makes the hair

smooth, strong, nourished and shiny.

Volume 500 g, 275 g

Keratin smoothing conditioner


Designed for hair care after the keratin smoothing treatment and rebuilding to prolong the effect. It contains natural keratin which perfectly regenerates and nourishes the hair, rebuilding its damaged structure. It improves the hair strength and elasticity, makes it soft and healthy. It moisturizes and

smoothes the hair so that the hair is shiny, does not frizz and comb well. It protects against harmful external factors.

Volume 500 g, 275 g

Keratin smoothing serum


Product used without rinsing in a comfortable dispenser, prolonging the effect of the keratin treatment, smoothing and rebuilding the hair. It contains natural keratin which penetrates

the hair, rebuilds it from the inside and its structure. It moisturizes, smoothes and disciplines the hair and protects it against harmful external factors. Moreover, it does not weigh down the hair at all.

Volume 100 g